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I want everyone to look and feel as incredible as I see them! Every season of life is beautiful, remarkable and noteworthy!  Potpourri of emotions to say that every season is also temporary.  There is no better way to document the experiences of life than through photography.  

Session Guide

I love images that are bright, light, and full of authentic emotion. I want to capture the joy and reason the two of you are together.  Couple sessions could be engagements, anniversaries, birth announcements, you name it! My favorite way to photograph the two of you will be simple backgrounds with minimal distractions in natural light so the focus is on the two of you! 


Pregnancy is beautiful, and glamorous, and sexy, and breath-taking! This season of life is so short-lived, let's document your body's changes with experiences worth remembering!  Picture this: fabulous hair and make-up, a glamorous gown, glowing sunlight that golden hour brings, your hands placed sweetly on your stunning belly that signifies life growing inside of you!  When your little one arrives we swaddle up your baby and get photos of you holding and gazing at this bundle of amazement that you now love more than you ever thought possible!! 

Maternity, Milk Baths, Photojournalistic Birth Stories, Newborns (lifestyle and/or posed) *I can come to your home*

Babies change and grow so stinking fast, let's freeze those moments with a first year milestone package 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and a happy first birthday! 


What a joy it is to witness individuals and families journey through life. My role as your photographer is to capture memories you'll cherish forever! Birthdays, being promoted from middle school to high school, graduating seniors in high school and/or college, annual Christmas family photos, these are all moments that deserve to be celebrated and photographed.  I'd be honored to be the one to help you preserve this moment in time. 


We can't wait to learn more about your special event in life!

Is there something you'd like to photograph that I have not mentioned above, please reach out and let's talk!  I will be offering seasonal minis starting this summer.  Themed mini sessions are a perfect way to collect memories throughout the year in a short and sweet fashion.  Minis are not just for kids!   Keep an eye out on my blog and on social media for the next themed mini in your area. 

Joyful. Authentic. Captivating.

Kimberly Martindale