It took a moment (like a decade or more) for me to figure out that my passion and hobby could actually be a career.  I did a deep dive into figuring out everything I needed to learn in order to become the photographer I dreamed of becoming. I'm a true researcher and have a love of learning, lifelong student, yep that's me.  My goal is to photograph you the way I would want to be photographed; natural light, capturing authentic joy!   

Some "about me" pages might share how they knew exactly what they wanted to be in life and made a beeline toward that dream from day one.  My story isn't as neat and tidy as that, to say the least.  My creative journey includes music, acting, crocheting and yes photography.  My business acumen has been honed over the years and 2021 is the year the sides really melted into one path.  I could not be more enthusiastic about getting to know YOU and capturing those life events that pass by so quickly.  Photographs help us remember and relive this beautiful thing we call life! 

I'm an outgoing, truth seeking, native Southern California girl living in the South. I used to juggle multiple titles, wife, mom, teacher, counselor, friend, coach, momtog (before I even knew what this title meant).  Some of these titles stuck and some did not.  Being a mom has always been my most precious title and I have always been able to say with certainty it was/is my true calling! My two precious children are now thriving adults and I'm in a different phase of mom life :)  My daughter and son in law expanded their family last year, which also adds a new title to my list eeeekkkk I'm so very excited to live the Mimi life xo
Capturing photographs was something both my parents felt were important.  I am so blessed to have many pictures of my childhood, back when it was all film and digital didn't exist. LOL  I didn't realize that was not the norm for every family and that just makes my job as a photographer all the more special.  Giving the gift of preserving memories through photographs is a joyous job!! 

Kimberly Martindale

Joyful. Authentic. Captivating.

Kimberly Martindale